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Two Rivers Law P.A.

An Experienced, Local Attorney

At Two Rivers Law P.A., I have represented individuals and businesses in Elk River and Otsego and throughout the northwest suburbs for 10 years. Attorney David Cox has worked at several law firms in Elk River and the surrounding communities. Because of my experience here and familiarity with the area, I know the local legal community well. As a result, I know how to help our clients build strong cases with those subtleties in mind.

Educating Clients About Options And Outcomes

Most people who contact my law firm have never worked with a lawyer before. They don’t know what to expect during the process, and they don’t know what can be reasonably accomplished within their budget. I educate my clients about their options and possible outcomes, ensuring that they have realistic expectations at every step in the process.

I look for ways to achieve my clients’ goals in the most cost-efficient manner. If my clients can work through the process without an attorney, I tell them that. If I can achieve their goals without going to court, I provide that option.

To learn more about David’s background and legal accomplishments, follow the link below:

If you are interested in learning more about the counsel I provide, contact me to schedule a free initial consultation. Reach me through my contact form or by calling 763-260-5865.